While most youths take dancing lessons in order to – hopefully – learn how to move on the dance floor without causing accidents or getting injured, I preferred being responsible for the appropriate beats in my dancing school in my hometown Mannheim, Germany. But hey, it was easy then – nobody else didn’t want to do the job (or the other guys around were too scared).

In the year 1989 I started expanding my activities for my target career in the music business and played my first club gigs outside the dancing school in Mannheim and vicinity. In 1991 I had settled my two residencies in nightclubs in Mannheim and Heidelberg. During these wild “Rave years” I started producing and networking my ass off. This led to the first bookings outside my home area and the first releases on Vinyl (Yeah kids, Youtube and Spotify weren’t a thing then :)). During the late 90s and early to mid 2000s I played at events and clubs worldwide including WMC Miami, Webster Hall NYC, Pacha Ibiza, Coco Rico Rimini, Loveparade Berlin, Mayday, Nature One just to name a few. Many long friendships have grown out of these times and are existing still today. Thank you guys for still being around. You know who I mean…

Besides my work as DJ and producer I founded the music platform Uptrax and the belonging record label Toptrax together with Frank Bizarre in 1999, including the sub labels Skull Tunes, Stereogold, Synopsis & Hard’n Holy. In the same year I started my first radioshow on radio sunshine live, where I resided until 2016.

After numerous releases we sold the whole company in 2008. It was time for a break and a new orientation, which I found with my bud Chico Chiquita. Together we started 120db Records focused on electronic dance music (EDM).

Lucky enough our 3rd release on the label by Laserkraft 3D (Polyester EP) turned out to become a huge success with its B-side “Nein, Mann!” and we reached #5 in the German single charts, #4 in Austria and also entered the charts in the Netherlands and Belgium. Finally we got presented a golden record for over 150.000 sold units in Germany alone. That was awesome!

In 2012 I slowly started retiring from the business and giving my rights on the label to Chico completely, myself focussing on DJing which I love to my heart still.

But this damn music thing is like a drug and after my hiatus, I’ve restocked my music gear in 2020/21 and I am producing again… more to come. Fire!